Mandala Space Ventures Announces the Selected Companies for the 2024 SoCal-UK Space Accelerator

We are thrilled to announce the selection of the following UK-based companies for the Fall 2024 SoCal-UK Space Accelerator, a unique 8-week virtual program sponsored by the UK Space Agency that starts on September 3rd, 2024. This initiative aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth within the emerging space sector by bridging the dynamic ecosystems of Southern California and the vibrant space startup community in the United Kingdom. 

The SoCal-UK Space Accelerator is designed to provide selected startups with unique access to industry expertise, mentorship, and resources, facilitating their journey towards becoming leading players in the global space industry. This program underscores our commitment to supporting the next generation of space technology pioneers and advancing the frontier of global space exploration and commercialization.

Selected Companies:

Agtelligence. Agtelligence is an agricultural technology company that uses Earth Observation data and AI to enhance farm sustainability and productivity through its flagship tool, FarmScore. By evaluating key sustainability metrics and transforming complex data into actionable insights, Agtelligence empowers farmers, lenders, and insurers to make informed decisions that foster environmental stewardship, enhance regulatory compliance, and improve economic viability in agriculture.

ANGOKA. Headquartered in Belfast with offices in London and The Hague, the company has developed a patented technology for Identity Management and Access Control for machine-to-machine communication, with solutions for Smart systems across various industries. For the space sector, Angoka offers secure seamless convergent terrestrial/non-terrestrial 5G communication and is developing a secure digital infrastructure for the future space economy.

Lodestar. Lodestar is building a “first responder” service for the New Space age, starting with rapidly reconfigurable robotic actuators for in-orbit inspection & capture. Founded by space manufacturing researchers and backed by ESA and VCs, they’ve built a prototype arm, planned an in-space demo mission for Q1 2025, secured funding from the UK Space Agency, and tested their technology on a zero-gravity flight.

Lumi. Lumi is a space technology company offering precision orbit determination, satellite tracking, and atmospheric turbulence monitoring solutions. Their services include cm-level accurate orbit determination via satellite laser ranging, predictive orbit modeling, retroreflector beacons for space sustainability, and Twinkle – the world’s first 24/7 autonomous atmospheric turbulence monitor, serving various applications from collision avoidance to free-space optical communications across LEO, MEO, and GEO.

Second Star. Second Star is pioneering the next generation of propulsion systems for orbital mobility using a highly disruptive, research-backed manufacturing approach. Their solutions deliver best-in-class performance, utilize sustainable propellants, and are produced at high volumes with dramatically reduced costs, ensuring both economic and operational benefits for the space industry. 

Space Solar. Space Solar aims to deliver an affordable, scalable, and fully renewable baseload energy technology within a decade through space-based solar power. With market-leading solar power satellite technology, strong UK government support, and partnerships across energy, space, and digital sectors, they plan to accelerate the transition to Net Zero and provide energy security for partner nations.

SAIF Systems. The Future of Safe Autonomy in Space.  SAIF are building Guardrails for Embodied-AI that function as a real-time, edge-based safety control platform for use in autonomous systems across the space exploration and operations domain. Their SAIF Autonomy platform enables the integration of advanced AI into space missions, solving AI assurance challenges and offers licensing and SaaS development options to OEMs, system integrators, operators, and regulators, ultimately ensuring safety in autonomous systems beyond Earth.

Universal Atmosphere Processing (UAP). Universal Atmosphere Processing (UAP) is pioneering advanced gas capture technology designed to efficiently capture and convert major greenhouse gasses into valuable products such as synthetic fuels, industrial chemicals, and building materials. Our cutting-edge Atmosphere Processing Plant (APP) addresses critical environmental challenges on Earth and holds a transformative potential for supporting sustainable human habitats in space. By processing and recycling atmospheric components, UAP’s technology aims to ensure long-term sustainability for extraterrestrial environments, paving the way for future space exploration and habitation.

Frontier Space Tech. Frontier Space Technologies enables and accelerates industrial life science in orbit with the mission of living off-world, leverages the unique space environment to improve life on Earth, and achieve these goals sustainably. They are developing SpaceLab, a miniaturized, autonomous laboratory for drug discovery in microgravity, in collaboration with international partners, while fostering a culture of learning and a diverse working environment.  

Mandala Space Ventures – UKSA SoCal Program Highlights:

Technical Due Diligence and Risk Assessment. Mandala Space Ventures is an industry-unique deep space-tech venture studio located in downtown Pasadena, California, walking distance from Caltech and a few miles from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Mandala will provide the UKSA SoCal selected cohort a deep-dive into their underlying technology and perform technical due diligence and technical risk assessment. 

Mentorship and Guidance. Each selected company will receive personalized mentorship from industry veterans, including experts from Mandala Space Ventures and our partners at NASA, JPL, The Aerospace Corporation, and leading aerospace companies. This guidance is crucial for navigating the complexities of the space sector and accelerating technological development.

Funding and Investment Opportunity. Participants will have access to a large network of investors and venture capitalists specializing in early-stage investments in space. This opportunity will allow  the cohort to share their vision, business plans, growth opportunity and more, with a network of investors, helping them sharpen their messaging and increase the likelihood for seed or Series A financing. 

Collaborative Environment. The accelerator fosters a collaborative environment where startups can share ideas, resources, and best practices. This collective approach enhances innovation and drives the entire cohort towards success.

Transatlantic Opportunities. By connecting the vibrant space communities of Southern California, the USA and the UK, the program opens up new business opportunities and fosters international partnerships, further enriching the participating companies’ growth trajectories.

Looking Ahead.

The SoCal-UK Space Accelerator begins its program on September 3rd, 2024, with an 8-week virtual program that culminates in an in-person pitch day by the cohort at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) on October 25th, 2024. This event will take place in front of a group of early-stage investors in space, strategic partners, sponsors, and space leaders.

This program, funded by the UK Space Agency, represents a significant step forward in Mandala Space Ventures’ mission to be a global leader in the emerging space ecosystem and to connect the SoCal space community with the rest of the world for the benefit of humanity.

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Mandala Space Ventures x London Space Network Foster Global Space Ecosystem

Mandala Space Ventures is excited to announce our recent collaboration with the London Space Network, strengthening international partnerships in the global commercial space ecosystem.

On May 9, 2024, we joined forces with the London Space Network to host their May drinks social event for the London space community at The Old Shades, a historic pub in central London. Dr. Leon Alkalai, CEO of Mandala Space Ventures, shared valuable insights and facilitated networking opportunities for early-stage startups, with a primary focus on the upcoming 2024 Southern California – UK Space Accelerator.

London Space Network Co-Founder Anushka Sharma and Mandala Space Ventures CEO Dr. Leon Alkalai.

The 2024 Southern California – UK Space Accelerator is a joint initiative by Mandala Space Ventures and the UK Space Agency, designed to support and accelerate innovative startups in the space industry. Participating startups will gain access to exceptional resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, along with connections to leading space companies in Southern California and the United Kingdom. 

We encourage eligible startups to apply and contribute to the global space ecosystem at

The London Space Network is known for organizing monthly happy hours across London, fostering a strong UK space community. Our collaboration demonstrates Mandala Space Ventures’ commitment to promoting international cooperation and nurturing the global space ecosystem.

For future event inquiries, contact Anushka Sharma, co-founder of London Space Network, on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Southern California – UK Space Accelerator Application is Now Open

Mandala Space Ventures would like to invite early-stage space start-ups in the UK to apply to the SoCal accelerator program sponsored by the UK Space Agency (UKSA).

This 8-week, on-line program, will run from September 2, 2024 through October 25, 2024 and culminate with an in-person pitch day in Pasadena on October 24, 2024.

The application is open as of April 1st, 2024, and closes on May 31st, 2024.

The program will provide a number of educational modules, fire chats with leaders in the space industry, invited lectures from accomplished CEOs in the space ecosystem, networking sessions with local Venture Capital (VC) leaders, technical due diligence by the technical team at Mandala, and much more. Space startups across all sectors of the emerging space industry in the pre-seed, seed or Series A stage of financing should apply to this one-of-a-kind accelerator program that offers a unique exposure to the space ecosystem in Southern California. 

To apply, please fill out the form at the following link:

The selected cohort will be announced by July 1st, 2024.

Opportunities Page for Affected JPLers

This page is dedicated to exclusive hiring opportunities for JPLers affected by the recent 2024 layoffs.

You will find events, job postings and resources here.
So make sure to pin this page as your official resource for opportunities.

For more info, contact:

Job Opportunities
This database is dedicated to promote job opportunities specifically tailored for individuals impacted by the recent JPL layoffs.

For hiring companies, please post your job opportunities here.

We’ll share the Airtable directly if you’d like to upload in bulk. Please reach out for access at

Official Memo by CEO Leon Alkalai Re: Mandala’s Support for Engineers and Professionals Affected by the Recent Layoffs at JPL

Memo To: The Local Space Community, Partners and Friends
Subject: Mandala’s Support for Engineers and Professionals Affected by the Recent Layoffs at JPL
Date: Feb 15, 2024
From: Leon Alkalai, Mandala Space Ventures, Founder & CEO

Dear Local Space Community Members, Partners, and Friends

In light of recent events that have led to layoffs within our engineering and technology community at JPL, we at Mandala Space Ventures (Mandala) wish to express our solidarity and support for those impacted. Understanding the challenges and uncertainties faced during these hard times, Mandala is committed to leveraging our resources, professional network, and technical services, to support those impacted.

As part of our core business, we are in active communication with over 100 CEOs and leaders within the space ecosystem in Southern California, from San Diego to Santa Barbara, and from Long Beach to the Mojave Desert. Our core mission is to build and maintain a vibrant and supportive emerging space ecosystem. As such, we would like to summon the collective readiness of the community to support the talented individuals affected by the layoffs, sharing job opportunities at local hiring organizations and matching them with resumes of impacted JPL employees. Our network is vast, inclusive, and fully prepared to extend opportunities that will facilitate new beginnings and meaningful pathways.

In partnership with local leaders, government officials, and JPL, Mandala plans to support the organization of multiple job networking events aimed at providing a platform and a venue for those impacted to connect with potential employers, industry leaders, and like-minded professionals. These initiatives are designed to open doors, foster collaborations, and provide broad opportunities for employment. Details regarding these networking events, including dates, locations, and participating organizations, will be announced shortly on the Mandala website:

Mandala is open for business and more importantly, open to supporting our community in times of need. We believe in the power of unity, collaboration, and compassion, and it is with this spirit that we move forward, ready to assist. For those wishing to learn more about how Mandala can help, please contact us directly. Together, we will overcome these challenges.

Warm regards,
Dr. Leon Alkalai
Founder and CEO
Mandala Space Ventures, LLC

Government of Canada selects 10 companies for SoCal-Canadian Space Accelerator, led by Mandala Space Ventures

Mandala Space Ventures, a Pasadena-based venture studio and leader in supporting entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to successfully launch companies within the emerging new-space economy, announced today the selection of 10 Canadian space startups to take part in the SoCal – Canadian Space Accelerator.

The companies selected are:

  • Baüne (Edmonton, AB) – enabling autonomous management of crew health and wellness
  • GALAXIA Mission Systems Inc (Halifax, NS) – design and development of modern computation hardware and software for small satellites
  • Magnestar (Toronto, ON) – platform for satellite operators, regulators, and military groups, that increases communications resiliency in contested and congested environments
  • Obruta Space Solutions (Ottawa, ON) – safe, reliable, and autonomous spacecraft docking for on-orbit serving and logistics
  • OroraTech Ltd. (Vancouver, BC) – revolutionizing Wildfire management with space-based data.
  • Reaction Dynamics (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC) – a space mobility company with a mission to facilitate routine space access by introducing one of the most responsive, safe, and cost-effective launch vehicles ever created together with in-space propulsion systems for satellites.
  • SBQuantum (Sherbrooke, QC) – develops magnetic field maps for resilient autonomous navigation
  • Wyvern (Edmonton, AB) – delivering Earth Observation imagery from satellite platforms
  • Volta Space Technologies (Montreal, QC) – energy/power solution for industrial lunar economy
  • Stealth Mode Company (Toronto, ON) – monitoring of atmospheric conditions in space

The initiative is a two-month virtual accelerator for Canadian space small and medium enterprises (SMEs) looking to raise between $500K to $20 million USD and to support growth and expansion of the company in Southern California. The accelerator is set to kickoff virtually on February 12th and conclude with an in-person pitch day in Los Angeles on April 4th and further programming at the Colorado Springs Space Symposium.

Mandala Space Ventures looks forward to using our expertise in both space technology and venture fundraising to support these 10 companies as they look to grow their contacts and presence in the Southern California space ecosystem to create meaningful, long-lasting partnerships,” said Dr. Leon Alkalai, founder & CEO of Mandala Space Ventures. 

The accelerator was created by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) with the support of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED).

“Congratulations to the ten Canadian companies selected for the program – they represent a diverse range of stages and technologies of the burgeoning space industry in Canada,” said Michael Willmott, Senior Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles, “this program will further already strong relationships between the Canadian and Southern California space ecosystems.

Canadian government backs 2024 space accelerator in Southern California

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