Read the Official Memo by CEO Leon Alkalai on Mandala’s Support for Engineers and Professionals Affected by the Recent Layoffs at JPL

Image from Canadian Space Agency website.

Government of Canada selects 10 companies for SoCal-Canadian Space Accelerator, led by Mandala Space Ventures

Image from Canadian Space Agency website.

Mandala Space Ventures Studio Company Continuum Space Systems

Raises $3 million seed round for unified
concept-to-completion mission management

Mandala Virtual Form Presents

From a Garage Startup to Global Dominance with Falcon 1 Launch Chief Hans Koenigsmann
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Venture Studio

We launch and fund new space startups,
inspire new ways of thinking,
and scale companies.


Our first-of-its-kind venture studio is focused solely on the space economy.
Based in the heart of Pasadena, we partner with innovators to ideate, develop, and launch new companies that will positively impact life on Earth in terms of economic development, climate change, global communications, national defense, and space infrastructure.



These are our portfolio companies.
They’ll change the world.


Some of them, like Continuum Space Systems, were fully formed within Mandala, built on strong ideas to meet needs in the marketplace. While others were augmented with intellectual and infrastructure support to help them launch to new heights. Whatever your stage, we may be able to support your mission.

Specter Aerospace
Specter Aerospace has developed a proprietary scramjet engine for hypersonic systems, which can significantly improve performance, enabling greater range, reliability, and payload size to further support space access, national security, and high-speed passenger transport.
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Continuum Space Systems
Continuum Space Systems enables the seamless sequencing of every mission stage from ideation to design to operations. This end-to-end SaaS-based platform brings about space missions that are more efficient, lower risk, and safer.
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Viridian Space Corporation
Viridian’s mission is to support sustained, cost-effective satellite operations in very low lower Earth orbit by collecting ions and compacting them into an energy source to supply other satellites in this vital and busy orbital environment.
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Venture Fund

Explorer 1 is a venture fund focused on the needs of aerospace founders and their unbridled desire to grow. Reach out to us at Mandala Space Ventures to hear more about this bold venture fund.


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