Mandala Space Ventures x London Space Network Foster Global Space Ecosystem

Mandala Space Ventures is excited to announce our recent collaboration with the London Space Network, strengthening international partnerships in the global commercial space ecosystem.

On May 9, 2024, we joined forces with the London Space Network to host their May drinks social event for the London space community at The Old Shades, a historic pub in central London. Dr. Leon Alkalai, CEO of Mandala Space Ventures, shared valuable insights and facilitated networking opportunities for early-stage startups, with a primary focus on the upcoming 2024 Southern California – UK Space Accelerator.

London Space Network Co-Founder Anushka Sharma and Mandala Space Ventures CEO Dr. Leon Alkalai.

The 2024 Southern California – UK Space Accelerator is a joint initiative by Mandala Space Ventures and the UK Space Agency, designed to support and accelerate innovative startups in the space industry. Participating startups will gain access to exceptional resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, along with connections to leading space companies in Southern California and the United Kingdom. 

We encourage eligible startups to apply and contribute to the global space ecosystem at

The London Space Network is known for organizing monthly happy hours across London, fostering a strong UK space community. Our collaboration demonstrates Mandala Space Ventures’ commitment to promoting international cooperation and nurturing the global space ecosystem.

For future event inquiries, contact Anushka Sharma, co-founder of London Space Network, on Twitter or LinkedIn.