Space — The New Exponential Frontier a podcast with Raoul Pal and Leon Alkalai

“People think of the space industry as the race between three billionaires, but that is just is small part to what is actually going on. The interstellar world is becoming a gigantic industry and the progress is truly exponential. Leon comes with decades of experience at the Jet Propulsion Lab at NASA, at the forefront of space travel and cutting-edge technologies. These technologies have now been adopted by the private sector and, by the next decade, we will likely have a space station on the moon, space mining and an exponential rise in space travel. However, space travel is only part of a much bigger opportunity to create space networks and other opportunities leading to Space As A Service, an idea in which Leon is an early investor. This is one of those interviews where everything you think you knew is upended, and it will leave you amazed at the speed of technological innovation and what it might mean for the future of humanity.”

Filmed on September 10, 2021

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