Shelli Brunswick Interview with Dr. Leon Alkalai, Founder and CEO, Mandala Space Ventures, LLC

In this episode, join Shelli Brunswick, COO at Space Foundation, as she interviews Dr. Leon Alkalai,  Founder and CEO of Mandala Space Ventures, LLC, a space-focused, Pasadena-based incubator for new start-ups in the emerging space economy.

Dr. Leon Alkalai is a recently retired Technical Fellow of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California Institute of Technology where he spent 32 years after getting his PhD at UCLA in 1989. During his career at JPL, Dr. Alkalai held numerous leadership positions and was responsible for the capture leadership of both the GRAIL mission to the Moon (2007) and the INSIGHT lander on Mars (2012). For both efforts, Dr. Leon Alkalai received Distinguished Individual Achievement medals from NASA in 2011 and 2019 respectively. Dr. Alkalai was also heading up JPL strategic partnerships and strategic planning for the Laboratory. In early 2021, Dr. Alkalai retired from JPL and created Mandala Space Ventures. In addition, Leon is a General Partner at the Explorer-1 Venture Fund which is also affiliated with the Mandala space incubator. Recently, Mandala launched its first new venture called Continuum Space Systems, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company for the emerging digital space economy.